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Our mission

Due to the Russian military aggression, millions of people in Ukraine are deprived of their homes.
Here in Vienna, there are 15 dorms hosting more than a thousand of Ukrainian refugees.
Unfortunately, some of them have poor living conditions, and people lack basic hygiene items: toothbrushes, shampoos, etc.

As a first aid, we started the Basics4dorms initiative, charity project based on Amazon wishlists with basic hygiene items for refugee dorms in Vienna. 

A few clicks and several euros is all it takes to help.

          How to help:

                order from Amazon

​1. Visit one of the wishlists:


2. Purchase some hygiene items to support people in the dorms

3. Make sure that you choose the proper delivery address from

the list not to deliver to yourself

4. Track your purchase if you want to,

you will be notified when the dorm receives it

5. Use a subscription delivery mode, if you want to help regularly

More than 5000 euros already have been spent to provide help for 7 dormitories.
Click to NEWS to get detailed information. Contact us if you need help.

Basic hygiene products for Ukrainian refugees

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