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More than 5000 euros were raised to help people from 7 dormitories!

We continue to provide help with personal hygiene items for people in dorms in Austria.

Till now 7 dorms participated, all details can be found in separate posts in the news section.

Now it's possible to help

* Bendlgasse 10-12 (till now 330 euros were spent via Amazon)

* Neulengbacherstraße 6, Maria Anzbach (till now 314 euros were spent via Amazon)

* House Mira (Katsushikastraße 1) (till now 890 euros were spent via Amazon)

For the last several months we also provided personal hygiene items to these dorms:

* Handelskai, 265 (342 euros)

* Arbeirgasse, 45 (445 euros)

* Gumpendorferstraße 65 (1177 euros)

* Hadihof (1920 euros)

Thank you!


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