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New fundraiser: House Mira

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

We are opening a new, quite massive fundraiser for a big refugee dorm at Katshushikastraße 1/2. Every donation counts, every euro helps!

How to help?

1. Visit one of the wishlists webpage and make a purchase to support people in the dorm:

2. Order the items

3. Make sure that you choose the proper delivery address from the list not to deliver to

yourself: Svitlana

4. Track your purchase if you want to, you will be notified when the dorm receives it

5. Use a subscription delivery mode, if you want to help regularly

Our goal is to help people in a sustainable way in the long perspective. As there are other dorms that need help, we would like to send similar wishlists. If you know some big community where you could possibly distribute one of the wishlists in the future, please contact us.


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