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New Year gifts for Ukrainian refugees: report

We have collected 544€ (another €10 came after the end of the fundraising).

Since we collected more than we planned, we bought more than we promised!😊


✔Body cream x100 - €174

✔Sanitary pads x62 - €72

✔Micellar water x50 - €71.1

✔Deodorants x100 - €65

✔Hand cream x68 - €64.6

✔Soap x100 - €50

✔Cotton pads x50 - €37.5

✔Liquid soap x14 - €11.9

We took all this to the dormitory Haus Haidehof at Rzehakgasse 4, and Ukrainian families received sets of hygiene products.

Many refugees living in dorms receive only €40 per month for pocket expenses. With this money, it is impossible to provide yourself with even basic things.

Thank you!

We wouldn't manage without you!🤍💙🤍


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